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Histour & Mantovani Ltd was formed in 2016 by A.L. Mantovani and Histour Eltiv to take over the IATA travel activities of A.L. Mantovani and become a major IATA -accredited travel agency in Cyprus specialised in corporate travel.

Histour & Mantovani Ltd is the American Express Global Business Travel licensee office in Cyprus.

A.L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd was established in 1856 and has always remained a family-run business. It is one of the oldest companies still in
operation on the island . A.L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd was the sole and exclusive American Express GBT  Franchise partner in Cyprus since the 1930s and was the second oldest IATA travel agency on the island.

A.L. Mantovani & Sons Ltd brings local market  experience in booking overseas travel arrangements for local residents dating back to the 1930s. At the time, bookings were made on Adriatica passenger ships. A.L. Mantovani expanded into air travel arrangements when EgyptAir was the first commercial airline to fly to Cyprus . There being no airport at the time, Mantovani cleared a field for the airplane to land. In the 1950s  Mantovani became one of the first IATA accredited travel agents on the island.

Histour Eltiv Ltd. was founded in 1996 following the merge between two companies, Histour & Eltiv.
The company is a member of IATA and the Tourist & Travel Agents Association.
Histour Eltiv, trading as American Express Travel Services, has been the official and exclusive American Express Business Travel Service Network Franchise partner in Israel since 1997.
American Express Travel Services is one of Israel's leading business travel firms. The company serves its clients with a large team of over 160 experienced travel agents working out of 20 branches, spread nationwide and now with a present also in Cyprus.


Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA)
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